Cuplu indragostiti Rama Sitha lemn sculptat si pictat manual

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Rama si Sitha (Sita) reprezinta cuplul epic al iubirii. Versiunea legendei provine din The Ramayana, versiunea Narayan. Este una dintre cele mai frumoase si fericite povesti de iubire din toate timpurile.

Legenda in limba engleza o regasiti mai jos:

“As I set the magical book down on my desk something strange happened – it opened itself! I could not believe my eyes. The page it landed on was in the middle of the book and at the very beginning of one of the greatest love stories of all time between a woman named Sita and a man named Rama. Get ready because here is their epic love story according to this incredible book!

It was a pleasant afternoon on a rather ordinary day in the city of Mithila. A beautiful woman named Sita enjoyed the weather on the balcony of the palace that belonged to her father, King Janaka. During this time, rumors were spreading of a noble man passing through Mithila. After hearing these rumors, Sita began to daydream about the noble suitor that she hoped to find one day. She dreamed of a handsome, strong and courageous man. A man who was well-respected by all and would love her with everything he had. However, she had almost completely lost hope that this dream would ever come true. You see, Sita’s father had once worried that his incredibly beautiful daughter would end up with someone not worthy of her. Therefore, to avoid this terrible outcome, King Janaka defined an almost impossible task that would be required to win his daughter’s hand in marriage. King Janaka declared that Sita’s potential suitor must be able to lift, bend and string Shiva’s gigantic bow. Numerous potential suitors came from far and wide to attempt this test but none of them were successful. King Janaka began to feel badly and started losing hope that this test would ever be completed.

What they did not suspect was that this day would be very different from all of the others. The noble man passing through their city went by the name of Rama. Rama had journeyed from the city of Ayodhya and was the well-respected son of the mighty King Dasaratha. It was while Sita occupied her spot on the balcony that she first spotted Rama passing by. As the crowd parted momentarily, Rama’s eyes looked up and locked with hers at precisely the same instant. It was love at first sight. Although they did not know each other, they knew this was something different and special. Rama was forced to continue walking but the feeling of love was left churning within both of them.

Sita asked her servants if they could identify this man she had seen from the balcony but no one knew who he was. Ironically, Rama was on his way to meet Sita’s father, King Janaka. After King Janaka met Rama, he believed the rumors of Rama’s greatness to be true and these credentials could make him the perfect husband for his daughter, Sita. Rama was soon informed of King Janaka’s near impossible test for Sita’s love, which had never been successfully completed but many had tried. Rama exuded confidence and without a second thought agreed to take the challenge the next day without even knowing the daughter of King Janaka was actually the beautiful woman from the balcony.

The next day, King Janaka retrieved Shiva’s famous bow and met Rama at the palace where he would attempt the task. The suspense grew as Rama stepped up to the giant bow. A skeptical crowd watched from afar but Rama remained unaffected. If one blinked at the wrong time you would miss what happened next! With one swift movement, Rama completed the task. He even cracked the great bow with ease, which was even more impressive! The crowd erupted and King Janaka felt equally as joyous. He called for his daughter and Sita appeared through the crowd. Sita, who had spent the entire night tossing and turning with a love-sick feeling burning inside her, locked eyes with Rama for the second time and she knew it was the man she had seen from the balcony. Rama and Sita were equally as surprised and overjoyed. From that moment, they both knew they would be together forever. The King announced soon after that the wedding would take place immediately. If you did not believe in love at first site before, you should now! Rama and Sita were married that day and lived happily ever after.”

Acest cuplu se agata pe perete, au pe spate cate o agatatoare.

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aprox H 100-110cm x L 16 cm x l 10 cm




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